Soundproof Test Room

Quality Test Environments for Audiology, Psychological + Behavioural Research

We design, manufacture and supply modular acoustic booths for audiometric, audiological and psychological assessment and research.

STUDIOBOX soundproof test rooms, audiology and hearing test booths are made of pre-fabricated, double-functional acoustic panels, each providing sound insulation + attenuated interior acoustics.

Due to panel absorbing acoustics with absorbers and reflectors in angular arrangement a smooth, linear response and controlled reverberation time are guaranteed. Different booth types are on offer subject to the application.

The high quality of sound insulation is achieved by a couple of technical features, described here.

However, the acoustical characteristics, such as the sound insulation and the reverberation time are clearly defined as a part of the technical product concept. For this reason STUDIOBOX soundproof rooms are most reliable for the end user.

The construction is modular. All floor-, wall and ceiling panels are fully manufactured at the factory. The rooms can be easily assembled, dismantled and relocated.

Your benefits

  • Best acoustic performance (reverb time, sound isolation)
  • Nontoxic, first-class wooden materials
  • Easy and clean installation
  • Remountable
  • Prompt availability
  • Standard and customized designs
  • Optimal cost/performance ratio

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