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The basic idea

A large part of enclosed space around the world is created for normal social life and work. But not for special acoustic applications. This also includes making music and singing, loud music reproduction via loudspeakers, environmental and industrial noise.

Redesigning rooms

In order for these "atypical" rooms to be used acoustically, an enormous amount of effort is often required. With the STUDIOBOX "room within a room", approx. 60 - 70% of the requested issues can be solved. The primary objective here is to improve the soundproofing of existing rooms. Based on standard soundproofing of walls and ceilings of buildings, we know what additional effort is necessary to meet higher requirements for sound insulation.

The STUDIOBOX as a free-standing “room within a room"is made for just this purpose.

The second technical function is the interior acoustics, the sound in the booth... and the studio, the measuring room, the music practice room, the examination room or, in general, the universally usable workstation.

Our quality standards

STUDIOBOX is a solid, standardised product with clearly defined features. A high vertical range of manufacture guarantees a constant manufacturing quality of the individual parts.These are joined together to form a closed booth all around.

Stability and longevity of the booths for all areas of application are our goal. Experience shows that the construction is also suitable for robust use in industry, music schools and rehearsal rooms.

The showroom

You can view the quality in our showroom and test it under conditions of real application situations. The personal consultation rounds off the listening impression. You will receive information about the soundproof booths and general topics of acoustics.


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