Recording booth voice over booth STUDIOBOX Professional


Soundproof booth



We are your partner for modular acoustic booths with competence in building and room acoustics. STUDIOBOX is a mobile sound insulation system without construction measures. Different user groups and a variety of applications are our focus. The booth models differ in the interior acoustics, the sound in the booth. The quality of sound insulation is the same.

With the soundproof booth, the aim is to create a reliable and permanently usable workspace for our customers. The choice of interior acoustics depends on the user´s needs. Here, the knowledge and experience of the developers or a test of the products in our showroom is key.

To the applications

Recording booth voice over booth STUDIOBOX Professional


Audio booth with controlled reverberation time over the relevant frequency spectrum. The optimised workplace for the ambitious musician. Suitable for recording and post-production, vocals and musical instruments. Soundproof interview and examination room, voice over booth.

Mixing Mastering Studio - STUDIOBOX soundproof booth


Reflection-reduced room. The solution for measurements in research and development. Test and monitoring room for signal testing and software development. Sound isolation booth for broadcast + TV, mixing and mastering.

The "room within a room"

With the STUDIOBOX, even "atypical" rooms within the building can be used with high acoustic quality.

The operating principle:

Sound insulation of the building
+ sound insulation of the Studiobox
+ regulation of the interior acoustics
= optimised working environment at controllable costs.

STUDIOBOX Room within a Room System - Soundproof booths made of wood building materials