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Delivery + logistics

STUDIOBOX delivery

The delivery

Our technicians deliver with their own vehicles throughout Europe. They quickly become familiar with the local conditions. Our dispatcher will arrange an appointment with the customer well in advance. The deadline is binding.

The STUDIOBOX technician is responsible for the management and supervision of the installation. If helpers are provided, our employee will instruct them before the start of the work.

The delivery service always includes the assembly, which is carried out in the course of the delivery. There are no additional packaging costs.


To the installation

Carrier shipping

We work together with long-standing partners for transport by freight forwarder. Land, sea and air freight are available. We ensure safe packaging, depending on the type of transport and country of destination. Import requirements are agreed with the customer in advance.

The customer builds the STUDIOBOX himself. The product concept is characterised by simple and clean installation. Our technicians are on site for larger projects.

 In a nutshell:

  • Logistical planning
  • Information on requirements at the installation site
  • Provision of export-import documents
  • Instructions for self-assembly, service hotline
  • Studio box supervisor possible on request
Shipping STUDIOBOX Soundproof booths with truck unloading