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The acoustic pod for home use.


Sound-insulated office and meeting pod.

You want to relax and concentrate when you work? But you can't seem to relax? STUDIOBOX acoustic pod – The room within a room is reliable. Free-standing booth without any structural connection to the building. Flexible soundproofing for home use.

Recording booth voice over booth STUDIOBOX Professional


Use as soundproofed working and interview room. Good speech intelligibility. Also suitable for audio recordings.

Mobile soundproofed acoustic pod STUDIOBOX for office and home


The acoustic pod for home and office. Work, relax, feel good.

Pleasant atmosphere

STUDIOBOX is made of wooden building materials. The supply air unit provides fresh air and a sense of comfort in the booth.

The room configuration is based on customer's specifications. For example, the best possible incidence of daylight is taken into account.


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