Here you can see the planning dimensions of a booth 180 cm x 180 cm (interior modular size) as an example.

Planning made easy

We would be happy to forward a customized design proposal based on your sketch. This is how you do it:

  • Measure the complete existing room (length x width x height)
  • Make a simple sketch
  • Select booth size
  • Draw STUDIOBOX at the desired location in the room
  • Provide positions for booth door, windows, cable port etc.
  • Specify purpose of use
  • Send drawing by email
  • Use planning aid

or simply ...

Request information

Heights of the soundproof booth

The Standard interior height of the STUDIOBOX is 205 cm. A room height of 240 cm is required for installation. Excess heights and low heights are available. Depending on requirements, this can be defined in 5 cm steps.

Heights soundproof booth STUDIOBOX

Enter specifications

It is not always clear which solution is right for the application or situation. Acoustic, architectural conditions and objectives must be taken into account. We make a clear statement about the technical feasibility of your project.


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