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Sizes and design

Here you see design examples. Other sizes and layouts are available.

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Acoustic elements in grid dimension

Each STUDIOBOX acoustic booth consists of two-shell basic elements. With a grid dimension of 60 cm, almost
any booth size can be combined. Intermediate sizes, excess heights and low heights are available. The positions of windows,
doors and cable openings can be freely defined. A booth adapted to the customer's space is thus available.

The interior acoustics are fixed to the sides and ceiling (monoblock). All modules are completely prefabricated in the factory.
This minimises the installation effort on site.

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The standard version of the STUDIOBOX contains:

  • Sound-insulating wall, floor and ceiling elements
  • Interior acoustics applied to basic elements:
    • Premium
    • Professional
    • Standard
  • Defined reverberation time per booth model
  • 1 window
  • 1 door element
  • Floor construction (sound-insulated)
  • Carpeting inside
  • Natural ventilation
  • Power connector
  • Inside cable gap (Professional and Premium models)

Additional equipment on request.

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