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The room within a room


Experience the STUDIOBOX

The function

The modular room aims at two effective factors in order to achieve good soundproofing from the inside to the outside and in the opposite direction. The soundproofing of the building, i.e. the thickness of existing walls, plus the soundproofing of the acoustic booth. In principle, the aim is to reduce disturbing sounds in buildings.

Sound proof recording booth - overview

Encapsulating the noise source

The most effective sound insulation is achieved by encapsulating the sound source. It is essential that the enclosure is all-round and of constant quality. STUDIOBOX provides this with double-shell acoustic elements with wall, ceiling and floor, coherent element connections, effective sound absorption on the inside and other factors.

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Observe influencing factors

  • Structural quality of the building
  • Location of the room within the building
  • Direction of the neighbours to be protected
  • Nature/localisation of the sound source

Mobile soundproof booth

Positive side effect of STUDIOBOX Room within a room solutions: No fixed connections to the building structure. You are using a mobile, technical product. If you move later, you can take the booth with you and use it at the new location without any loss of functionality.

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