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Inside view of STUDIOBOX recording booth for broadcast + recording

The mobile recording studio. Speech, vocals and music instruments. Practice room for musicians.

  • Balanced sound
  • Effective noise insulation
  • Pleasant atmosphere

Room acoustics

  • Absorber-reflector system in angular arrangement with acoustic and wood composite panels
  • Inclined window panes inside


  • Basic and intermediate sizes
  • 60 cm grid dimension
  • Intermediate sizes in 10 cm steps
  • Heights in 5 cm steps up to 250 cm inside dimension
  • Booth configuration freely selectable
  • Sizes + equipment


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Interior acoustics

For the quality of your recordings

An emphatically open and spatial sound characterises the Professional. The reverberation time in the low and mid-low frequencies is reduced. No mulging or roaring. Targeted boost in the high mid and high frequencies. Negative side effects such as room modes, standing waves and flutter echoes are counteracted by the interior acoustic panels mounted at an angle of 6-9° on the side elements.

Rehearse effectively - hear nuances

In the audio booth, the musician perceives unadulterated, practices effectively and in a relaxed manner.  

At a glance

Interior acoustics STUDIOBOX Professional studio booth

Sound insulation

Soundproof working booth for musicians STUDIOBOX

Work undisturbed

STUDIOBOX reduces unwanted sound transmission within the house.


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