Recording booth for media projects


Mixing Mastering Studio - STUDIOBOX soundproof booth

STUDIOBOX provides audio and video professionals with the high-level acoustical sound isolating environments that they require. Due to panel absorbing acoustics with absorbers and reflectors in angular arrangement a smooth, linear response and controlled reverberation time are guaranteed.

Dependent on the different requirements concerning the interior acoustics, two standard models are offered to meet most needs. The media is diverse: Actors, content, technical means and use. The acoustic studio can be used flexibly. In different rooms. For different goals.



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Recording booth voice over booth STUDIOBOX Professional


Acoustic booth with low reverberation time over the relevant frequency spectrum. For recording speech, vocals, electrically amplified instruments and audio signals. Control and monitoring room.

Inside view of STUDIOBOX recording booth for broadcast + recording


Open surround sound, controlled reverberation time. Good speech intelligibility. Can be used as recording booth and in postproduction. Working room for the demanding musician.

Mobile Broadcast Room STUDIOBOX Premium

Application examples

  • Music and speech recording
  • Voice over booth
  • Mixing/mastering
  • Broadcast + TV
  • Audio technology and research
  • Game sound development
  • App development
  • Multimedia & e-learning

From the idea to reality

Your ideas for using existing rooms can be realised quickly and in quality with STUDIOBOX. You invest in a product that retains its value and has a long service life. The technical concept is the key to success.             Partial client list

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