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Acoustic test chamber


STUDIOBOX acoustic chamber for measurement and noise testing in R+D

For the development of small devices and components.

  • Low reverberation time
  • High sound insulation
  • Modular structure

Reliable measuring environment for noise tests and quality assurance.


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Interior acoustics

  • Slotted and unslotted MDF boards
  • Variability of the interior acoustics due to the optional use of polyester fibre mats
  • Reverberation time
STUDIOBOX acoustics chamber interior view high frequency damping
Acoustic measuring box STUDIOBOX door construction


The location of the test chamber should be selected so that the outdoor environment can be acoustically controlled during the measurement.


Acoustic chamber dimensions

The STUDIOBOX acoustic test chamber is available in the following size:

Internal grid dimensions in cm, length x width x height

 L 73 cm x W 63 cm x H 90 cm

Others on request.