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Acoustic chamber for test + measurement


STUDIOBOX acoustic test chambers for research + development

Starting situation

Shorter time to market at lower costs with increasingly complex end products on international markets - this is the challenge many of our customers face. The acoustic quality of products is a success-determining factor.

STUDIOBOX sound test room and noise test chamber - a contribution to securing your value chain.

Rooms for acoustic development

Effective shielding of noise levels, low, controlled reverberation times and easy handling are essential features. The booths are available in different sizes and designs.

Partial client list

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Sound isolation booth STUDIOBOX Premium Acoustic test chamber


For product development and quality control requirements. Reflection-reduced room.

STUDIOBOX acoustic test chamber for acoustic measurements in R+D


The "little one" for acoustic measurements of components and devices.

Application examples

  • Sound and sound power measurements
  • Component tests
  • Qualification and validation of processes and systems
  • Sound quality testing
  • Sound development
  • Control room
  • Evaluation of mobile telephony /speech dialogue systems
  • Metrology development


  • Vehicle acoustics
  • OEMs
  • Telecommunication
  • Audio technology
  • Audiological acoustics
  • Medical technology
  • Household
  • etc.

Examine the acoustic test chambers in our showroom.

Fast delivery

The STUDIOBOX sound measuring room has a favourable delivery time, is quickly installed and immediately ready for use.

Our technicians deliver throughout Europe. We work together with reliable shipping partners committed to meeting the agreed delivery date.

Smooth procurement process

You specify your requirements, we will send you a planning proposal and an offer. We pool our consulting and planning expertise in-house, thus ensuring project planning reliability. You receive well-founded data for budgeting, purchasing decisions and further planning. Dates will be well in advance. Simple processes save time and money. This way you can keep an eye on your actual goal.

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