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Welcome to the STUDIOBOX showroom    


Mixing Mastering Studio - STUDIOBOX soundproof booth

Real-life application situation

The existing building and rooms offer real-life conditions. The showroom is located in a quiet environment. There is no acoustic superposition due to disturbing external noise levels, e.g. noise from production. Testing can be carried out over several floors of the building and from separate rooms.

On the quality of sound insulation: "What else do I hear if...?"

"How does it sound in the booths? Are there differences? Do I feel comfortable in it?"

During a visit you will receive audio samples and answers to your questions.

An acoustic piano, drum set, wind instruments, studio monitors and digital recording devices are available. We recommend recording and acoustic measurements with your own equipment.

Currently available


300 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm
180 cm x 120 cm x 205 cm


180 cm x 180 cm x 205 cm
240 cm x 180 cm x 215 cm

For illustration purposes:

  • Crosstalk attenuation between rooms or acoustic booths
  • The situation in the studio (recording and control room with eye contact)
  • Differences in room acoustics
  • Piano booth
Piano booth STUDIOBOX Professional, balanced interior acoustics
STUDIOBOX mobile acoustics room - test them in our showroom


We take our time for you. In a personal meeting we identify the needs and point out possible solutions. Request a plan proposal for your STUDIOBOX acoustic room now or make an appointment.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone: +49 (0) 151 / 566 96 164


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