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Soundproof test booth


STUDIOBOX acoustic test chambers for research + development

Quality test environments for audiology, psychological + behavioural research

We design, manufacture and supply modular acoustic booths for audiometric, audiological and psychological assessment and research. For versatile and flexible use. Pre-fabricated, double-functional acoustic panels provide sound insulation + attenuated interior acoustics. Different models are on offer.

Application examples

  • Neurosciences /EEG
  • Phonetic and baby lab
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Hearing/speech and audio technology applications/noise mapping
  • Qualification and validation of processes and systems
  • E Health/Telemedicine
  • Audiometry
  • Clinical tests


Isolation booth autiometric and hearing test booth STUDIOBOX Premium

Test chamber, audiometric and hearing test booth. Low reverberation time over the relevant frequency spectrum.

Recording booth voice over booth STUDIOBOX Professional

Audio recordings, general research and test applications. Open sound with controlled reverberation time.

Pleasant atmosphere

STUDIOBOX is made of certified wood-based materials. The multi-stage adjustable supply air unitprovides fresh air and supports a sense of comfort in the booth. The room configuration is based on customer's specifications. For example, the best possible incidence of daylight is taken into account.

Testing products

When it comes to acoustics and subjective hearing, we recommend a practical test in our showroom.

Come and visit us. We look forward to hearing from you.

The concept

The STUDIOBOX is quickly delivered, assembled and ready for immediate use. It supports a fast and flexible management of your rooms.

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