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Soundproof practice booth


Piano booth STUDIOBOX Professional, balanced interior acoustics

Make music in comfort

The soundproof studio is practical sound insulation for your music room. Now you can practice without disturbing your family or neighbours. In addition to sound insulation, the working booth offers balanced interior acoustics. The listening experience is unadulterated, work is relaxed and effective.

All about sizes and equiment of the modular rooms.


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Inside view of STUDIOBOX recording booth for broadcast + recording

PROFESSIONAL modular vocal booth

Finely tuned room acoustics and effective sound insulation for practice and recording. Suitable for all orchestral instruments, speech and singing. The controlled reverberation time makes it possible to listen and make music in a wide range of nuances.

Soundproof working booth for musicians STUDIOBOX

STANDARD soundproof pod

The basic practice booth. Lively surround sound, effective sound insulation. 

Usage examples

  • Practising orchestral instruments and vocals
  • Lessons at home
  • Rehearsal rooms in music schools
  • Audio recordings in the home recording studio
  • Trying out instruments at a music store


Testing products

When it comes to acoustics and subjective hearing, we recommend a practical test in our showroom. You will learn everything about the possibilities and quality of the modular working booths.

Come and visit us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pleasant room atmosphere

STUDIOBOX is made of tested wood-based materials. The multi-stage adjustable  supply air unit  provides fresh air and supports a sense of comfort in the booth.

The room configuration is based on customer's specifications. For example, the best possible incidence of daylight is taken into account. The visual contact to the outside space or between the sound booths is also important.


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