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PREMIUM sound isolation booth


Sound isolation booth STUDIOBOX Premium Acoustic test chamber

For applications in science, industry, AV media, education and music.

Interior Acoustics

  • Calculation of interior acoustics by using computer simulation
  • Three matched absorbers and reflectors in angular configuration
  • Tilted interior windows
  • Reverberation time throughout the entire audio spectrum as a function of room volume.


  • Basic and intermediate sizes 60 cm grid dimension
  • Base can be extended in 10 cm increments
  • Heights in 5 cm steps up to 250 cm inside dimension
  • Booth configuration freely selectable
  • Sizes + equipment

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Room acoustics

The low reverberation time is audible and measurable, even in the low frequencies and the overall relatively linear reverberation time of the STUDIOBOX Premium. Above all, there is no anechoic chamber effect. Three different, self-made absorber reflector plates are mounted at an angle of 6-9° on the side elements and parallel to the ceiling.

Definition using simulation program

Quantity and distribution of elements are determined by software (room simulation program). This method can be used to determine the sound characteristics for rooms of different sizes and configurations. A highly interesting quality feature of the STUDIOBOX Premium with regard to the purchase decision.

STUDIOBOX Premium - Mobile hearing test booth


Acoustic door STUDIOBOX Acoustic booth - developed in-house

Functionality in detail

STUDIOBOX is a modular design. The parts assembled into the isolation booth and installed in the building improve sound insulation. From inside to outside and from outside to inside.

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