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Mobile soundproof booth - simple installation


Depending on its size, the STUDIOBOX is installed in an average of one to four hours. The elements are completely prefabricated at the factory No screws, sawing, drilling or sealing, no additional material required during assembly. More about the construction...

Precision-fitting components

The mobile soundproof booth is manufactured with precision. The element connections fit exactly, the components retain their value. Material, production quality and the technical conception ensure that the STUDIOBOX can take part in every move and can be used at the new location immediately in the usual quality.

Assembly animation

STUDIOBOX assembly corner
STUDIOBOX assembly walls
STUDIOBOX assembly outside view
STUDIOBOX assembly floor elements
STUDIOBOX assembly project practice centre
STUDIOBOX booths for music schools


In general, you can rely on the statics of house construction and easily accommodate special equipment, such as wings or soundproof booths, in your building. Nevertheless, the load on the ceiling must sometimes be checked.

The subject has some myths. The relevant DIN standard 1055-3 should be referred to here as a correct source of information. Quick calculations and assessments by non-specialists often lead to incorrect results. If in doubt, consult a structural engineer.

The engineer will determine the individual load separately and combine it with the evenly distributed payload.

From our experience

Up to now, almost every load capacity test has been approved for STUDIOBOX.

The weight of the booth is not distributed one-to-one (1:1) as is often assumed on the surface of the booth, but on the entire surface of the ceiling. This means that the load per m² is considerably lower. The 1:1 calculation, on the other hand, leads to false assumptions.

We are not authorised to make any binding statements regarding the quality of your building structure.

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