STUDIOBOX Professional



Recording Studio Booth

STUDIOBOX Soundproof Booths for Media Projects

... provide audio and video professionals with the high-level acoustical sound isolating environments that they require. Due to panel absorbing acoustics with absorbers and reflectors in angular arrangement a smooth, linear response and controlled reverberation time are guaranteed.

Dependent on the different requirements concerning the room acoustics, two standard models are offered to meet most needs.

Studiobox Professional

The reliable Classic of Vocal Booths.

Two types of internal absorbers and reflectors in angular arrangement. Linear response over the relevant frequency spectrum. Balanced interior acoustics for high-quality recordings.

Studiobox Premium

The top of the line of the STUDIOBOX products.

Custom calculation of Interior Acoustics by using computer simulation. Three types of absorbers and reflectors. Low and controlled reverberation time.

The product line allows for creating a studio with modest expense and effort. Its price-performance ratio supports commercial viability.

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